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Biphobia in the LG community


[TW: Heavy biphobia, some cissexism]

A lot of people over the short time I’ve been on Tumblr have tried to tell me that biphobia isn’t a thing. That we suffer absolutely nothing that can’t just be filed under homophobia.

Well. Allow me to introduce you to the world of biphobic lesbians.

DIVA, a magazine for lady-loving ladies, posted on their wall that they were looking for lesbians who refused to date bisexuals for an article. And boy did they appear. I’m going to share some of the worst ones here.

Hat-tip to thesecretfemme for pointing out the existence of this discussion.

Note: I am using screencaps to prove that hey, I am not making this shit up, but I am adding text quotes as well for people who use readers etc. I’m usually against blurring out names when people say hateful things in public spaces, but I could not bring myself to post these with the last names intact, as I am taking their comments out of the queer women’s space they were posted in.

I got a bit carried away here because that is what happens when I get angry. Feel free to skip to the end past the screencaps, if you want.

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Seriously, people? Seriously?!

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    I am pretty sure biphobia occurred to a cast member of The L Word, where the other girls basically bullied her once she...
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